Harga SKD11 Tool Steel

Product  : SKD 11
Standard: JIS
Grade       : Cold Work Tool Steel

Characteristics SKD 11

SKD11 tool steel grades, trade name SLD (the latest improved version called SLD-MAGIC), the product called DC11 or SLD high wear-resistant chromium cold work tool steel or JIS G4404 (SKD11) / AISI D2

Chemical Composition SKD 11

C Si Mn Cr Mo V P S
1.5 0.25 0.45 12.00 1.00 0.35 0.025 0.01

Soft annealing to about HB210 (Soft Annealed Approximately HB210)

Common cold of high wear-resistant tool steel; quenching of the good, less heat deformation.


  • Was vacuum degassing refining, so the quality is very clean inside
  • Machining of good
  • Hardenability, good air cooling can be hardened without fear of quenching crack
  • Heat treatment deformation is very small, very small quenching deviation, the most suitable for precision mold
  • Very good wear resistance, the most suitable for stainless steel or high Die Hard Materials
  • Good toughness.

Application SKD 11
This steel is easy turning, and should be made sharp knife, scissors, saw, cold or hot for repair mode, the drum side, the screw pattern, line mode, cutters, impact mode, circular cylinder, the system of power transformers heart dies, cutting steel Paper mill knives, steel forming rollers, special molding roller, precision rules, shape complexity of the cold tools, mandrels, metallurgy, tin for mold, plastic mold, the screw head molds.

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