Krakatau Steel Menandatangani JVA dengan Natsteel & Marubeni

Krakatau Steel, melalui anak usahanya PT Krakatau Wajatama melakukan penandatanganan Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) dengan Natsteel Asia (s) Pte. Ltd dan PT Marubeni Itochu Steel Indonesia untuk mendirikan perusahaan patungan PT Krakatau Natsteel Construction Solution.

Direktur Utama Krakatau Steel Irvan Kamal Hakim mengatakan, pendirian perusahaan patungan ini merupakan bagian dari rencana pengembangan usaha PT Krakatau Wajatama, dalam mendukung pemenuhan kebutuhan produk prefabrikasi baja nasional. Perusahaan patungan tersebut akan menjadi pionir yang memberikan solusi total terhadap kebutuhan produk prefabrikasi baja di Indonesia (downstream steel products and services) dengan kapasitas produksi sebesar 70.000 ton per tahun.

“Perusahaan patungan ini diharapkan dapat memberi manfaat untuk menjadi pionir prefabrikasi baja di Indonesia, diversifikasi produk, peningkatan akses kepada state of the art technology & know how,” Direktur Utama Krakatau Steel.

Berlokasi di lahan seluas 13.720 M2 milik Krakatau Steel, di Cakung, Jakarta Timur, perusahaan patungan ini direncanakan memproduksi baja dengan spesifikasi yang ditujukan ke sektor konstruksi.

Pembentukan JV Co ini dimaksudkan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan prefabrikasi terkait pembangunan infrastruktur Indonesia yang sedang berkembang pesat, salah satunya adalah sarana transportasi massal (Mass Rapid Transport).

Modal dasar pendirian perusahaan patungan tahap pertama investasi sebesar US$ 2,2 juta, dengan modal ditempatkan dan disetor penuh perusahaan sebesar US$ 550 ribu. Untuk tahap awal, komposisi kepemilikan saham dari para pihak yang terlibat yakni Krakatau Wajatama sebesar 45%, Natsteel Asia (s) Pte. Ltd. Sebesar 45% serta PT. Marubeni Itochu Steel Indonesia sebesar 10%.

“Namun, ke depan modal dasar perusahaan patungan tersebut akan ditingkatkan pada investasi tahap II menjadi sebesar US$ 20 juta. Hal itu sebagai komitmen KS Group sebagai perusahaan baja terintegrasi hulu ke hilir,” tutup Irvan.

Structural Steel Product:

Sekilas tentang Perusahaan dalam JVA

PT Krakatau Wajatama adalah anak perusahaan PT Krakatau Steel dengan kepemilikan saham 100% yang memproduksi baja tulangan dan baja profil. Kapasitas produksi Krakatau Wajatama saat ini secara total 300.000 ton/tahun untuk baja tulangan dan baja profil, berlokasi di Kawasan Industri Cilegon.

Natsteel Asia (s) Pte. Ltd. adalah anak perusahaan dari NatSteel Holdings Pte. Ltd., produsen baja terkemuka dan penyedia jasa prefabrikasi baja untuk industri konstruksi di Asia Pasifik.

PT Marubeni Itochu Steel Indonesia adalah cabang dari perusahaan dari Marubeni-Itochu Steel, Inc. – Jepang, merupakan distributor besi dan baja terkemuka serta bisa menjadi jendela bagi produsen baja di Indonesia untuk proyek – proyek dari Kontraktor Jepang (Indonesian Window for Japan Contractors).

Tabel Ukuran Berat T Section Steel

Mild Steel T-Section is precisely manufactured using high grade raw material and advanced machines. Further, the range of mild steel t section is stringently checked and tested to ensure delivery of flawless products. Supported by expert workforce and modern machines, we are also capable of meeting bulk demands of the clients within stipulated time frame.


  • Constructions
  • Telecom tower
  • Factory and warehousing shed
  • Electrification projects, poles and earthing
  • E. O. T. Cranes
  • Material handling equipments
  • Ship building
  • Windmills and its accessories
Tabel Ukuran dan Berat Steel T Section
Sectional B H t1 t2 r1 r2 Sectional Area Unit Weight
B x t2
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm cm² kg/m
150 x 15 150 45 12 15 8 3 27.52 21.6
150 x 12 150 42 12 12 8 3 23.02 18.1
150 x 9 150 39 12 9 8 3 18.52 14.5
200 x 22 200 52 12 22 8 3 49.02 38.5
200 x 16 200 46 12 16 8 3 37.02 29.1
200 x 12 200 42 12 12 8 3 29.02 22.8
200 x 19 200 49 12 19 8 3 43.02 33.8
250 x 16 250 46 12 16 20 3 46.05 36.2
250 x 19 250 49 12 19 20 3 53.55 42
250 x 25 250 55 12 25 20 3 68.55 53.8
250 x 22 250 52 12 22 20 3 61.05 47.9

Harga Plat SM490 YA

Harga Plat SM490 YA

Kategori: Welded Structural Steel Plates
Material: SM490
Standard: JIS G3106
Grades: SM490 YA, SM490 YB

Steel grade SM490 is a low carbon, high strength for weld structural steel. Easy for weld and good cold forming properties.

Thickness: 6 – 60 mm
Size: 5′ x 20′ , 1524 x 6096mm

Chemical Composition: (%)

C Si Mn P S
0.18 Max 0.55 Max 1.60 Max 0.035 Max 0.035 Max

Note: other alloy elements may be added as necessary (Ni, Cr and Cu)

Equivalent Steel Grade
S 355 JR, AE 355 B, E 36-2, Fe 510 B, SS21,32,01, IS 961, A633 Gr.A,C,D, 50 B

Mechanical Properties:
Yield Strength      t≦16    (Min Mpa) :  365
Yield Strength 16≦t≦25 (Min Mpa) :  325-355
Tensile Strength (Mpa)      :   490-610
Elongation t≦16          (Min %) :   15
Elongation 16≦t≦25 (Min %)  :  21

Machinery parts, mobile equipment, crane, boom, chassis, buildings, bridges and most structural activities.

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Jual Plat Bisclad600, Bisclad650 & 700

Bisclad is a chromium carbide clad mild steel plate offering outstanding wear life for areas subject to sliding abrasion wear.

Chemical Composition

Grade C
600 4.2 36
650 3.5 – 4.2 20 – 25
750 4.8 – 5.5 29 – 32


Bisclad can be rolled, bent, weld use low hydrogen 7018 electrode and cut with plasma arc. All cutting should be from the mild steel side, otherwise chromium and carbon will contaminate mild steel base and cause a brittle weld.

Bisclad can be supplied with the following means of attachment:

• Plug weld holes
• Stud welded studs to mild steel
• Countersunk holes

Mechanical Properties

Properties Grade Typical
Hardness 600
600 BHN (57 HRc)
650 HV
750 HV


• Wear plates for draglines
• Shovel
• Hopper
• Skid Plates
• Chutes
• Deflector
• Slurry Pipes
• Dust Pipes

Product Carbon Steel:

Jual Quend 700

Quend 700 is extra high strength structural steel produced as quenched and tempered with a minimum yield strength of 700 MPa. Quend 700 complies with the requirements corresponding to the S690QL given in the EN 10025-6 standard, where impact toughness is guaranteed at -40 °C.

Quend 700 is currently supplied in the following range:
• thickness: 8 – 25 mm
• width: 1500 – 3000 mm

Chemical Composition (%)

C Si Mn Cr Mo P Ni S B Nb V Ti Al N
 0.20 0.60 1.50 0.60 0.50 0.020 1.00 0.010 0.005 0.040 0.070 0.040 0.070 0.014

Mechanical Properties
Hardness (HBW) : 370 – 430
Charpy-V notch : 35 J
impact test (longitudinal at -40 °C)
Yield Strength (MPa): 700 Min
Tensile Strength (MPa): 780 – 930
Elongation (%): 14

Quend 700 may be cut either by oxygen fuel, plasma and laser cutting without any restrictions

Welding of Quend 700 can be performed using any of the conventional welding methods available both as manual or automatic.

Quend 700 is recommended for the following applications:
• truck chassis
• lifting and hoisting equipment
• handling equipment
• trailers

Related Carbon Steel:

Jual Quard Abrasion Resistant Steel

Quard is a martesitic abrasion resistant steel, with an average hardness of 370 – 550 HBW. The steel offers very high resistance to abrasive wear and impact granting a longer service life. The combination of very good cold forming properties and excellent weldability makes Quard an optimal choice for most wear applications.

Quard 400 Viewmore »
Quard 450 Viewmore »
Quard 500 and 550 Viewmore »

Thickness: 8 – 20 mm
Width: 1500 – 2500 mm
Length: maximum 13 m

Welding Quard is easy and produces outstanding results.
Quard can be welded using any conventional welding method, both manually and automatically.
Due to the low carbon equivalents of Quard, preheating prior to welding is unnecessary in a thickness up to 20 mm.
On account of the tight thickness and flatness tolerances, Quard is well suited for automatic welding.
Quard can also be welded to any other weldable steel.


Quard has excellent cold forming properties, promoting new innovative solutions for lightweight design.

The excellent bending performance of Quard is achieved by:

  • low levels of non metallic inclusions
  • consistent mechanical properties
  • high crack resistance
  • tight thickness tolerances
  • excellent surface finish
  • consistent spring back
  • Numerous welding operations can be replaced by bending, resulting in a further reduction of production costs.


Thermal or cold cutting methods can be used for Quard steel.
Thermal cutting, using either oxygen fuel, plasma or laser cutting is as easy as cutting mild steel.
Quard does not require preheating prior to thermal cutting.
Cold cutting methods, such as abrasive water jet cutting, shearing or sawing have the advantages of not thermally affecting the part being cut, thus avoiding the softening of small parts being produced.

Quard can be machined in the same way as for any martensitic wear plates of the same hardness.
For drilling, either HSS (8%Co) or indexable cemented carbide drills can be used.
Face milling and countersinking best takes place using tools with replaceable cemented carbide inserts.
For all machining operations performed on Quard, stable machines should be used in order to keep tool set-up vibrations to a minimum.

Dumper bodies, crushers, impact hammers, buckets, feeders, conveyors, bulldozers, compactors, cutters in shredders, etc.

Product Wear Plates:

Jual Plat Quard 500 and Quard 550

Jual Plat Quard 500 and Quard 550

Quard 500 and Quard 550 are intended for use in harsh applications where very high abrasion resistance is essential.
As these products will be produced in the same high standard of quality, like all other Quard wear plates, they will offer the same advantages such as superior surface quality, perfect flatness and tight thickness tolerances.

Thickness: 8 – 20 mm
Width: 1500 – 2500 mm
Length: maximum 13 m

Dumper bodies, crushers, impact hammers, buckets, feeders, conveyors, bulldozers,  compactors, cutters in shredders, etc.

Product Wear Plates: