Plat FORA 400


FORA 400 is a water quenched maternistic steel, with a typical hardness of 400HB (42,5HRC), constituting a real answer to abrasive wear. Thanks to its toughness, its elevated hardness, its high yield strength, FORA 400 can be use wherever a wear resistance to wear by sliding or by moderate impacts is required. Moreover, FORA 400 is very easily welded and has a good forming properties thereby contributing to ease of fabrication.

Compared to conventional steels, such as S355, FORA 400 offers a real benefit to the equipment life times and permits a signifiant reduction in he design thickness since its wear resistance is up to 3 times longer than S355 grade.

Moreover, FORA 400 is very easily welded and has a good forming properties thereby contributing to ease of fabrication. This steel is particulary suitable for applications in quarries, construction industry, mines, cement plants, the iron and steel industry, etc.

Chemical Composition
C Mn Cr Mo S max P max
0.13 1.2 0.5 0.25 0.01 0.02

Quarries and Construction Earth Moving: Skimmers, crushers, screens, bunkers, bulldozers, etc.
Cement Plants: Buckets, crushers, bunkers, etc.
Mines, Coal mines: Excavator, winding and discharging machines, conveyors, etc.
Iron and steel industry: Bunkers, various casing, guide and shifting plates, etc.

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